Reina Takahara

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Reina Takahara on Stage at Blue Note in Waikiki. 

Reina's dad shared us that she was spotted at a recent performance for HPD's fundraising gala by a Blue Note representative and invited to perform as a Special Guest vocalist on April 26th.  Blue Note is a famous Jazz and R&B nightclub with locations in NYC, Tokyo, Beijing, and Napa Valley.  Reina might be the youngest ever to perform there.  It is quite an honor.  The show is titled Hawaii's Young Female Artists and will feature  EMKE ( 80's rock cover band), Honoka and Azita ( popular ukulele duo) and others.  Reina is the only non professional artist so she's only singing two songs ( pop and broadway song).

5/4/17 Update: Check out Reina's performance: