Myron B. Thompson Academy (MBTA), an innovative competency-based K-12 public charter school, provides high quality standards-based curriculum to all students across the state. As a school for anyone, anytime, Thompson Academy offers greater flexibility for students in a non-traditional, home-based educational environment. The model used in the MBTA Elementary Division supports a partnership between the parent mentor and the MBTA certificated staff. Our goal is to work closer with you, to provide a high quality education for your children. We appreciate your dedication and commitment. The MBTA staff is ready and able to provide you with educational core curriculum classes, instructional strategies, technical advice, and moral support.


Upon review of your completed application, you will be contacted via email and will receive information about attending our mandatory beginning of the year orientation session. This session will explain MBTA policies and procedures in detail.


MBTA is your partner in academic learning. We assist our families in developing an Educational Plan that is aligned to National and State content standards. This educational plan is your “road map” that details the concepts to be taught throughout the school year. We provide our elementary families with a allotment that can be used to purchase the curriculum that will be used throughout the school year. (A list of our 30+ approved curriculum vendors will be provided at the Orientation session) The allotment monies may also be used to pay for extracurricular lessons that help to enrich your child’s education.


MBTA offers core classes taught by our certified teachers and optional elective classes like Performing Arts, Ukulele, Robotics, Animation, and much more.


For more information please contact us, (808) 441-8035.


We look forward to working with you and helping you to provide the best education for your child.